Contrary to popular belief, it has nothing to do with being “nice”.

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There was a time that I had more female friends than I knew what to do with, but I couldn’t get a date to save my life.

It happened every single time. I’d meet a girl I was attracted to, I’d start talking to her, get to know her, invite her out somewhere, and then somehow we became… friends. As in, no chance to develop a romantic relationship. She just didn’t feel that way about me.

None of them did.

As I’d collect these “friends”, I’d listen to their woes about how they’d get into a relationship with some loser…

The strength of a point of view largely depends on the opinion giver.

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At 30 years old, Stephen was what you would call a “late bloomer”, in that he was still stuck in his partying 20s. While most people his age were growing professionally and were moving into the next phases of their lives, Stephen lived in the here and now, and eventually found out that being a waiter at the Macaroni Grill was detrimental to his dating life.

“Guys, I got this girl’s phone number the other day,” Stephen explained. …

The honeymoon’s over. Welcome to disillusionment.

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Continued from Part 2

I didn’t get the job with Landis. They were heading into the final season of a show called “Dream On” and were winding down production. No real point to start up there.

Another call from David got me in touch with another production company, a small guerilla outfit that concentrated on creating Electronic Press Kits — small mini-documentaries or press pieces on upcoming movies or events.

By all accounts, this would be something that was right up my alley. They did a lot of run-and-gun filmmaking, and that was something I was very familiar with.


This simple but powerful guide has helped me confront and overcome my limitations.

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What if you were to discover today that some core beliefs you have always held about yourself were based on false premises?

Until I was in my late twenties, I felt like I was on the low end of the totem pole. Somehow I had missed the mark in nearly every area of my life. I was failing in relationships, I never could get the respect or attention I deserved, I was surrounded by failures of character, and I didn’t seem to have the means to improve my situation.

I was stuck.

That all changed one day when I met…

Into the Lion's Den

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Continued from Part 1

My internship finished at the end of the summer of 1994, and I went back to UCSB for my senior year. They had offered to hire me on, but I declined, predicting the show probably wouldn’t be picked up. I was right.

Back at school, I went through the grind of my senior year but always looked forward to one class. “Anatomy of the Industry” went into great detail about the business end of Hollywood. It was so interesting and captivating, the 200 seat room was packed every Friday night at 7PM.

The class was taught…

The LA Chronicles

I had a lot more fun than I probably should have.

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With Dick Clark (photo by Author)

When I was in college back in the 90s, I would intern in Hollywood over the summertime.

An internship is a good way to not only gain experience in the field you are interested in, it’s also an opportunity to make contacts when you graduate. That’s how you do it, especially in Hollywood. Get to know people. A spot opens up on a show or movie — Boom, they call you. People are always spreading around. One week they’re working with Penny Marshall, the next week it’s the Power Rangers. So be careful.

Anyway, I interned for Suzanne Somers when…

The LA Chronicles

Nefarious people can sneak into your life if you aren’t careful. Here’s how to prevent that.

*Names have been changed

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We were out at a hotel happy hour in Santa Monica when my friend Stephen introduced me to a guy named Dave.

I figured him out right away as I listened to him name-drop and brag about how much money his family had. In other words, I knew he was full of it.

Not long after first meeting him, we ran into Dave on the Sunset Strip one Saturday night. He bragged to the group of us that he could get us all into Skybar, which was considered quite a feat at the time.

When we…

When you live in a dire environment, you survive by becoming selfish.

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A good place for me to begin is to talk about my upbringing. No person had more of an effect on me than my father.

My father was a hyper-selfish person who lacked any sense of self-awareness. We don’t know much about his childhood other than a few stories he told us, but we do know he suffered from deep neglect as a child and was even put in a foster home for a while because my grandparents didn’t want to deal with his social and emotional problems.

I was raised in a very neglectful environment where our needs weren’t…

Tough experiences earn it

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(Image by Author)

As I progress forward with real estate investing, I’ve started to gain more visibility. I went from a single condo to multiple single family homes, to a 24 unit apartment complex, and as I did so, people began inviting me out for lunch or coffee so they could pick my brain. I was also a guest on a podcast, sharing my biggest lessons learned.

I’m more than happy to share all my knowledge and experiences with anyone who asks, but sometimes it feels like people give me more credit than I deserve.

I don’t feel as though I’ve earned it…

The path you take defines who you are.

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I learned a very valuable lesson years ago: Be big, even if no one else will.

After my Hollywood dreams crashed and burned in the late 90s, I started over. I took an entry-level job at a local software company doing tech support. It didn’t pay very much (fast-food workers made more than me), but I did get benefits — health insurance, they paid for college, and I even had a small 401k. I took full advantage, going back to school to learn as much as I could about computers. …

Mike Goldberg

Traveller. Investor. Storyteller. Author of “The First Step” — Coming soon!

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