If work output is the goal, consistency wins

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I once did a 100 Burpee challenge with 50 other people, and I learned something fascinating.

(Burpee: Drop to the floor, do a push-up, then jump up and clap overhead.)

The challenge goes like this:

  • On the second day, do two burpees.
  • Up to 100th day — 100 burpees.

You can portion them out any way you like, as long as you complete them that day.

The ones who made it all the way through were the ones who created consistent habits to get the work done. …


Want to conquer your limiting beliefs? Do an audit on your life

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If you want to learn how you developed your limiting beliefs, do an audit on your life.

In order to address the problem, discover the source. If you are becoming self-aware, it may go deeper than you realized. Consider the messaging you received throughout your life.

And deconstruct everything.

Discover why you believe what you believe. You might be surprised.

Those who aren’t ready to face unpleasant truths in their lives will act like they are fighting for survival. You may lose some relationships, but this is your journey, not theirs.

You may find some facades will crumble. You will…

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You aren’t just influenced by the people closest to you

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You’ve heard the saying “You are a product of your environment,” right?

Well, a New England Journal of Medicine study revealed you are 61 percent more likely to become a smoker if one of your close friends is a smoker.

But more interestingly, you have a 29 percent chance if one of their friends is a smoker!

Another study showed a similar pattern emerged with teens and alcohol use.

Think about this.

You aren’t just influenced by the people closest to you…

You are also influenced by people closest to the people closest to you.

In other words, You are…


The moment you realize it was never about you

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A number of years ago, my tribe had abandoned me.

Want to talk about a rough patch? In one particular month…

  • My best friend kicked me out of his wedding party.
  • I got kicked off the hockey team I helped start because the guys wanted one of their buddies for my spot.

I couldn’t help but take it all personally — like all these bad things happening were a reflection of me. Like it was all somehow my fault.

And then just…


Breaking through limiting beliefs may be challenging, but the process is straightforward.

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Suppose you came to an astonishing realization:

You learned a major limitation in your life, which was stopping you from accomplishing something you wanted… was based on a false premise.

How would this knowledge change your reality?

I’ll bet it could have a massive impact.

Well, I have found there is a straightforward pathway to push past limiting beliefs.

Think about this for a second. There IS a way.

To get past limiting beliefs, deconstruct the process of how you came to the false conclusion in the first place.

Let’s look at the anatomy of the process:

1. Inability: A…


Investing in Apartments is very different from Single Family Homes

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Several years ago, I scaled from investing in single-family houses to multifamily apartments.

These are the biggest lessons I’ve learned:

  1. If you buy a property that is already cash flowing, there probably won’t be much growth. If you buy a property for growth, it probably isn’t yet cash flowing.
  2. The easiest and most effective strategy: Find a poorly managed property, and install a new management team.
  3. Find the “story” in P&L numbers. Is there too much turnover? Are maintenance costs too high? Are rents too far below market? …


Understanding Self-Awareness can bring new possibilities to your life

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Self-awareness is a matter of understanding your feelings, and more importantly, why you feel those emotions.

When we become self-aware, we become fully aware of the challenges in our lives, and how we fit into them.

It is the process by which we begin to question the things we’ve always believed.

This is the window outside of your reality. It is the place where possibilities exist, independent of the limitations you hold to be real.

This is the moment where you begin to question the reality you’ve been living under. …


Become aware of this pattern, then redirect it with a simple shift

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Have you ever heard a person rationalize giving up on what they really want?

They might say things like:

  • “Attractive women only like guys with money — she’s probably a bitch anyway!”
  • “I didn’t want that anyhow.”

This is called self-deception.

When you hear people say these things, understand what is really happening.

Believing they can’t accomplish their goal, they decide that success is impossible, and simply isn’t worth it.

They’ve created a false reality that is based on a flawed premise. And this prevents a person from facing the obstacle. …


The answer is always within your control

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Consider the following two ideas:

Idea #1

You’ve probably heard some variation of the phrase “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.”

If you spend time around high achievers, you tend to become a high achiever. If you hang around negative people, you become a negative person yourself.

This is to say: You are a product of your environment.

Idea #2

One night last year, I was at a party with some people I’ve looked up to for years — musical legends that were part of the soundtrack of my life. …

Ship 30 For 30 Series

Holding myself accountable is correlated to other seemingly unrelated areas of my life.

Photo by Author

Sometimes, everything comes together magically.

I call this convergence.

It doesn’t always happen the way you’d imagine. In fact, it may happen in ways you’d never expect.

But it happens as a result of intention and decisions.

Last month, I joined a morning room on Clubhouse where we committed to showing up and declaring our incantations and intentions every morning.

This simple act of holding myself accountable is correlating to other seemingly unrelated areas of my life.

They say luck is when preparation meets opportunity.

I wondered… What other opportunities were around me?

Right around that time, my daughter was…

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Traveler. Real estate investor. Storyteller. I talk about personal growth, emotional intelligence, and seizing opportunities.

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