It’s a long road to become a good writer — here are some of the biggest lessons I learned along the way

It took two years of constant learning through dismal results before I became a decent writer.

But those two years taught me the most valuable lessons. People don’t remember my awful articles. They just think I’m a naturally talented writer. Nobody understands the work it took to get me there.

These hard earned nuggets of wisdom will bring durable fulfillment to your life

1. Responsibility is power.
2. Walk a mile in someone else’s shoes.
3. Remember history is always rewritten to favor the victor. A person who dares to do great things is considered a fool… unless they succeed, then they’re a hero who was always destined for greatness.
4. Never date a friend’s ex…

If your article isn’t performing, a few simple fixes could make all the difference

It’s frustrating to put your all into an article, only to find no one is reading it.

But there’s a good chance an easy fix or two could make a tremendous difference.

Lately, I’ve been going back and retooling some of my underperforming articles to see if I could fix…

Mike Goldberg

3x Top Writer | Traveler | Real estate investor | Storyteller | Occasional columnist | I talk about personal growth and seizing opportunities.

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