Many answers may already be right in front of you.

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I met Jim at a real estate investment mixer in town. He approached me right away and asked me all about myself, then worked my interests into the conversation from that point forward. Any time I’d see him, he’d mention my favorite band.

It seemed like he was working from a textbook on how to build rapport, but I was willing to forgive his try-hard approach. Maybe he was just socially awkward. And it wouldn’t be long before he’d present his ask.

It came like clockwork. “Hey, we’re having a meeting on Tuesday, and I’d like you to come. We’ll…

It actually has nothing to do with religion, but a crisis of identity

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It never fails.

Pride month is a celebration of the self-affirmation, dignity, equality, and courage of the LGBT community.

It also brings out the absolute worst in people who misuse religion to spread hate and fear. The ones who persecute and marginalize this community, continue to persecute and marginalize while denying that any such sort of hatred even exists.

Nowhere was it more apparent to me than a recent Facebook post about raising the Pride flag above City Hall in Charleston, SC. The hatred and vitriol from the misguided faithful demonstrate that these divisions continue to exist.

But they’ve also…

The ones on the inside are actually on the outside

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“The only true currency you have in this bankrupt world is what you tell someone when you’re uncool.”

The line is from “Almost Famous” — one of my favorite movies, for many reasons.

One is for the rock and roll story itself, and the warmth and honesty in the way Cameron Crowe told the story. The band was fictional, but the characters were very real.

The other reason it resonates with me is because I’ve felt like William Miller before — finding myself totally outside my element in what seemed like another world. And when you try to anchor yourself…

If you want to succeed, be different in an interesting way

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I didn’t ask for this.

I would have given just about anything to throw away everything that set me apart. I didn’t want it. It was a curse — an albatross hung around my neck for the crime of not being like them.

You could say my early teen years were difficult.

In junior high and high school, we all learn soon enough that the only way to survive is to walk, dress and talk like everyone else. We dare not deviate, because the price of being different is being alone.

Only, I never got that memo when I was…


Boiling down the theme of my last 30 articles

Photo By Author

Have you figured it out yet?

By now you might identify a theme in my writing this past month.

I’ve illuminated a pathway. Did you see it?

My world changed the moment I took responsibility for my life. I not only started a real estate company, but I met a stranger who became my best friend and is now one of the most successful sales copywriters the world has ever seen.

That experience unlocked a door, and I had to reevaluate everything I thought I knew. I realized I had been surrounded by the wrong people my entire life. …


Be your own hero, and the world will shift

The World Shifts (photo by author)

I walk into my home office every morning, and the first thing I’ll see is a pair of drumsticks mounted on the wall — a gift to my son from Neil Peart himself, displayed alongside a copy of Rolling Stone magazine with Rush on the cover — a most unlikely event that until a few years ago, would not have been imagined possible.

It is a constant reminder for me to always be my own hero, because the price to pay for thinking outside the box is that the world might not understand or accept me.

But I must do…


Mistakes can actually put you ahead if you learn valuable lessons from them

One of us is one of the world’s greatest sales copywriters (Hint: It isn’t me). Photo By author.

Do you want to hear an embarrassing story?

Back in 2003, my best friend Craig approached me excitedly with an idea. He wanted to begin marketing products online.

“I don’t know,” I said. “I don’t know if it’ll work. I mean, I’m not sure it’s sustainable for the long term.”

He looked at me like I just slapped him across the face. But he went to work on his vision.

Craig Clemens is now a leader in the industry and is considered one of the greatest online sales copywriters of all time.

You might think I am ashamed of…


The key is to understand why they chose to believe

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People buy into conspiracy theories because they feel vulnerable and powerless.

There’s a certain type of person who follows cult personalities, seeks contrarian opinions, and embraces evangelical religions, and you’ll see the pattern again and again. Often they feel powerless and find their voice in these groups. They band together and feel a sense of power in sharing “knowledge” that the group possesses, but everyone outside the group doesn’t.

Often these are people who have made very bad decisions in their lives, and have suddenly found “the answers”.

The level of self-deception and denial is unbelievable because their entire identity…


Your worth is determined not by what you have, but by what you give

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In the book The Go-Giver, Bob Burg describes The Law of Value:

“Your true worth is determined by how much more you give in value than you take in payment.”

The more successful I become, the more I help others.

There’s a reason. Somebody once did something very special for me.

A chance encounter in my college days led me to a meeting with David Weitzner, the president of worldwide marketing for MCA/Universal.

He made the phone call because he could.

We had a great talk about my goals and aspirations, and what I wanted to do with my life.


The next chapter needs a title

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Friends, I’m very excited about something.

I’m buying more investment properties, so I need to create my next company. This in itself is awesome, but do you know what is even more awesome?

I want you to help me name it!

I’ve been struggling to come up with the right name, and so far I’ve got nothing. So I could use your help.

There’s one thing, though. The name needs to connect to my story.

Now I’m at the next stage. Justice has happened, and now I’m hitting the next level. I want this name to reflect that.

20 years…

Mike Goldberg

Traveler. Real estate investor. Storyteller. I talk about personal growth, emotional intelligence, and seizing opportunities.

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