Make your audience feel like they’re in the story by doing these 3 things.

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Because children aren’t the only ones who don’t understand

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Tabula rasa

Begin a journey back through your childhood, and walk yourself through with the eyes of your child-self experiencing your upbringing.

Judaism’s holiest day has value for everyone, regardless of belief

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Atonement means acknowledging you may have been wrong in your thoughts and deeds and asking for…

Politics and ideology hijack rational thought. That was the plan all along

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A person’s thought process tells just as much about them as the decisions they make

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September 11, 2001

I couldn’t conceptualize what was happening. It turns out, I wouldn’t let myself

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We need to stop pretending our actions don’t affect others

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Building a real estate investment empire is simple, but not easy. This is the process.

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I share my lessons learned from being a connector

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Death can be a tough subject. But it doesn’t always have to be

Saying goodbye to my mom. (Photo by author)

Death as a transformative process.

Someone once said to me “The boy must die so the man may live.” That made me think about a concept I heard this morning — “dying INTO”.

Mike Goldberg

Traveler | Real estate investor | Storyteller | Occasional columnist | I talk about personal growth and seizing opportunities.

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