How to Buy BitClout

A Step by Step Walkthrough

BitClout has just gotten started, and people are flocking to it en masse. However, the onramp can be a little bumpy for some.

Many users are having difficulty buying BitClout, so I will guide you through the process here.

First things first: You can only buy BitClout with BitCoin, so you will need to download a Wallet. I’m using Coinbase, but you can use whichever one you want.

Download the wallet app (or go to the website on your computer), create an account, and buy some BitCoin.

Once you have done this, we are ready to get started.

0. Open BitClout, and from the menu on the upper left, select “Buy BitClout”

1. Copy your BitCloud Address.

2. Go back into your wallet app, and select “Send Crypto to another wallet”

3. Select the amount you want to send and hit “Continue.” On the next page, paste your BitClout address into the “To” field, and then hit “Preview Send.”

4. You will notice that the wallet app will take a fee.

Hit “Send.”

5. Go back to the BitClout app and hit “Refresh” until you see the Bitcoin you sent is deposited. This may take a few moments.

6. Select the amount you want to buy, or hit “Max”.

NOTE: I have run into some problems on my desktop computer on this step. If you do run into problems,

A. Make sure you have a sufficient balance of Bitcoin in your wallet.

B. You must exchange at least 0.0001 Bitcoin.

C. Make sure you type the numbers correctly, as below. Do not put in “BTC” following the amount.

Once you have done this, hit “Buy BitClout.”

7. Review and hit “OK.”

8. Once complete, you will get a confirmation screen.

I hope this helps you!

Feel free to follow me on BitClout. I am mikegoldberg.

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