My Daughter Got COVID-19. I’m Done Being Tolerant of Idiots

We need to stop pretending our actions don’t affect others

Mike Goldberg
3 min readSep 8, 2021


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Last week, my daughter’s 4th-grade class was quarantined because 3 people tested positive for COVID.

Today she tested positive.

I’ve always felt we should take whatever measures we possibly could to protect ourselves and the people around us, so I’ve been a strong advocate for getting vaccinated and wearing masks.

But I’m also aware that not everyone shares my view on this, including some of my closest friends, so I’ve tried to be conscious and respectful of people’s feelings, and have chosen not to discuss it.

I don’t feel I can do that anymore.

After losing coworkers and friends to this terrible virus, and now with my own daughter infected, I’m not interested in protecting people’s feelings when they are so willfully ignorant about the reality in front of them that they don’t care who they affect. If you refuse to take measures to protect yourself and those around you, I hold you personally responsible.

Your actions impact others.

One kid in her class even made a show out of throwing his mask in the trash in front of everyone, shouting out “I won’t mask!”

I’ll say it again. Your actions impact others. Your choice doesn’t just affect you. It affects the people who can’t get vaccinated, like my 9-year-old daughter.

Listen to me. Nobody wants to be done with this more than me. I hate this. We could have gotten there so much faster, if only we could have gotten it together. Instead, we handled this the worst way possible. It was politicized, it was marginalized, it was denied that the virus even existed, scientists were vilified in favor of easily debunked conspiracy theories…

And where did that get us? Even as the death count increased, people denied what was right in front of them and dug even further into denial.

How much farther does it have to go? How much longer do we need to suffer through this? How many more people have to die before we decide it’s gone too…



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