These 10 Subtle Clues Expose Who You Really Are

Hide it all you want, but you reveal the truth to those paying attention. Here’s how.

Mike Goldberg


Photo by Kate Bezzubets on Unsplash

I can easily learn many aspects of who a person really is, no matter how much they try to hide it.

The fact is, they leave clues everywhere. I can tell pretty quickly if a person is dishonest, if they are secure in themselves, and I can get a pretty good idea about their level of emotional intelligence.

Here are some of the things I‘m looking for when I’m trying to learn about a person.

1. How you spend your time

If a person spends a majority of their time arguing with others on the internet, I’m going to wonder what areas of their life they are neglecting.

This tells me they’re wasting time they could otherwise dedicate to their quality of life. Namely, they’re not spending their time very well, so they must not have a lot going on worth spending time on. If they were as important as they projected, you wouldn’t even see them — they’d be off doing important things.

A person who is too busy to get wrapped up in pettiness is not only focused, but is serious about what they are doing.

2. Owning your life



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