Things I Learned on our European Cruise

A cruise is an experience. But what kind of experience?

Mike Goldberg
3 min readDec 4, 2021


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1. The ride from Austria through northern Italy is one of the most gorgeous drives in the world. But the many crosses on the side of the road reveal too many people were paying more attention to the scenery than the road. Drive carefully.

2. Venice is considered the Disneyland of Italy. Try to see other parts as well.

3. You will get lost through the narrow passageways in Venice, every single time, no matter how well you know the city.

4. The best things in Venice are cheap or free. Skip the gondola ride, and spend the evening listening to the orchestras in St Mark’s Square for a romantic night you won’t forget.

5. There is nothing to do in Venice after 10 PM. Don’t even bother.

6. Venetian food is surprisingly disappointing. I want to believe I just haven’t found the right spots yet, but every trip to Venice seems to whittle down hope.

7. On the other hand, there is nothing better than Venetian street food after a night of drinking.

8. If you must pee off a bridge after said night of drinking, watch out for boats passing underneath.

9. The “Kids Club” on the ship is the greatest invention of all time since the invention of children.

10. There’s never enough time, no matter how much time you get at each port.

11. Except for Bari. There is no reason to ever visit Bari.

12. If you get your iPhone stolen, don’t worry. About 10 minutes later, some shady looking character will try to sell you back your iPhone.

13. Greek food is amazing everywhere.

14. Don’t pay for an overpriced excursion in Athens. Instead, take a train from the port to the Acropoli station. From there, you can visit the Acropolis, the museum, grab some food, and catch a hop-on hop-off bus tour.

15. Greeks don’t seem to have a sense of humor about running around the Acropolis in a toga.



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