Use This Ridiculously Simple Technique To Keep Your Audience Interested

Your audience isn’t reading — they’re skimming. Here’s how to keep them engaged.

Mike Goldberg
2 min readAug 2, 2021


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There is a rhythm to impactful writing.

I’ve used this technique for years, and it’s so effective most people don’t even realize what I’m doing. I start with a single short, powerful statement. Then I write a paragraph of about 3–4 sentences. And then for perfect impact, I follow it up with another power sentence.

This keeps the reader’s attention.

Crafting a power sentence is a simple art.

Declare something with conviction, as if you are stating a fundamental truth that people need to accept. I like to imagine Tom Cruise walking into a room and making a statement in his charismatic style. This sharp change of pace hits them just right and keeps them interested.

And that is how you control the rhythm.

The fact is, people aren’t reading — they’re skimming. If they see a massive block of text, it will feel daunting and you risk losing them. A large block of text is a commitment the reader isn’t sure they want to make. How do they know it will be worthwhile?

Drop something worthwhile on them, and they’ll stick around.

You see, writing isn’t just about communicating information — it’s about directing a person’s attention and taking them somewhere. If they trust you will deliver, they will let you take them there, so think of this as your goal. If you can master this skill, your writing will be much more effective and enjoyable to read.

And this changes everything.



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